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Gourmet Pickled Vegetables from Wisconsin
Garnish a drink with one of our specialty hand-stuffed olives or award-winning mushrooms. Base a cocktail with one of our delectable drink mixes or savor it solo. Enjoy our pickled veggies right out of the jar, fan them out on a relish tray or use them in your gourmet appetizer. With every bite of our fresh-packed, original-recipe products, you’ll get exceptional consistency and extraordinary flavor. When you stock products by Forest Floor Foods, you’re providing your customers with the guarantee of high-quality ingredients and fresh, full flavors.
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Starting from the ground up…

What began as a fresh mushroom farm in central Wisconsin has blossomed, over the past 30-plus years, into a bountiful offering of premium pickled products and drink mixes. And through it all, we’ve always put flavor — and our customers — first.
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A Taste of Creativity

Inspirational recipes using our delicious ingredients

Nice N’ Spicy Forest Floor Chili

This medium spiced chili will be a favorite. A key ingredient in this recipe is our Hot And Spicy Bloody Mary mix, a unique blend of rich tomato flavor along with cracked pepper, Worcestershire Sauce,[...]

Olive Lovers’ Deviled Eggs

How do you improve upon something as savory as deviled eggs? Add the salty, sumptuous flavor of plump, firm olives. This sinfully delicious recipe might just make you the most popular person or at your[...]

Dark Bergamo Antipasto Salad

An all time family favorite, this salad boasts big flavor in tiny bite sized pops! Texture combined with crunchy tidbits of fresh veggies and sharp Bergamo Mushroom surprises! Plus the mushroom brine becomes a key[...]

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