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Unique, and beautiful- Crisp and fresh- Savory, salty and bold- Forest Floor Foods offers you the absolute, no-fail gift. Exceptional quality and attractive packaging makes the Forest Floor Foods Gift Box the perfect Corporate gift, Host or Hostess Gift, an easy Grab and Go Tailgating Pack, or any Special Occasion.

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    The Bloody Mary Gift Box contains all the garnishes and mix for the perfect Bloody Mary. Packed inside an appealing and custom craft box are 8 delicious Award winning Bloody Mary essentials, including:
    • Hot + Spicy or Original/Mild Mix
    • Pimiento Stuffed Queen Olive
    • Pickled Asparagus
    • Dark Bergamo Pickled Mushrooms
    • Pickled Baby Corn
    • Bloody Mary Pickle Spears
    • Bloody Mary Rim Salt
    • Bloody Mary Swizzle Stix
    • BONUS Beer Chaser Glass!
  • Use coupon code 120 at checkout for free shipping on orders over $120!

    The Forest Floor Foods Old Fashioned Gift Box contains all the necessities to make any kind of Old Fashioned Cocktail. From the Classic Old Fashioned to the Wisconsin Old Fashioned we have everything covered, all you need are the spirits! The gift box comes with a recipe card to follow along with or experiment to create your own delicious twist.  The Gift Box comes packed full with:
    • Old Fashioned Mix
    • Bitters
    • Classic Sweet Mushrooms
    • Royal Red Cherries
    • Pimiento Stuffed Queen Olive
    • Sweet Cocktail Onion
    • Sugar Cubes
    • Jar of Real Wisconsin Maple Syrup
    • Cocktail Glass
    • Muddler

    The Old Fashioned Gift Box Works For Any Occasion!

    The perfect gift for holidays, tailgates, corporate gifts, or any special occasion. Buy a box for a friend or get one for yourself! In addition this gift box is a great way to try a wide variety of pickled products and cocktail garnishes without having to search around for everything you need. Therefore, there is no other Old Fashioned Box as complete and full of tasty products on the market. Try an Old Fashioned Gift Box today, we are sure you, your guests, or the receiver of it will love it.

    Don't Forget The Rest

    Forest Floor Foods only uses the highest quality ingredients to produce the the tastiest complete cocktail line on the market. Also, don't forget to check out Forest Floor Foods complete product line.